Im Brad.

I was a “Personal Trainer” (what ever that means)living and training on the Gold Coast, Australia, with a Diploma of Fitness. I loved my line work but my mind was never fully present, when I say that, what I actually mean is that I have had a substance abuse problem for many years now that ranges from Binge Drinking liters of beer a night to month long Ice benders that have almost cost me my mental state and my life.

Late 2016 has been an eye opening time for me, I have come to the realization that nothing comes to those who wait, you (me) need to change what your’e currently doing and work your ass off to get it.

That’s the long and the short of it, (until my Auto Biography lol)which brings us to the present.

I’m currently on a life changing journey training and learning the ways of the Mind, Body and the world from a Master Taoist Monk.

My training has only just begun, as I’ve only seen Monk 12 or times in the past 2 months. My mind is made up, however. The first week of the new year is the death of Brad, and the rebirth of my true self. I will be training with Monk 4 times each week, as well as completing my studies at home and training at home, whether it be learning about the moon or learning how to breath deep to aid with my Chi-Gong I will always be learning and documenting.

My goal is to become the greatest version of myself and form my own business/ brand that changes the health industry for ever.

My teachings with Monk include Chi-Gong, Iron Shirt Kung-Fu or (Chi-Kung), Body  conditioning and much, much more.

This blog is a platform for me to bring what I learn to others and to share tips and hints that everyday people can greatly benefit from. (Because not everyone has a Master Monk as their their teacher).15800449_1164968570266574_3897278983712865491_o