The Universe will always provide you with exactly what you need, the EXACT moment you need it. It is your job as the observer to interpret it for what it truly is. Not what it may simply appear to be.  

I came to this realization while at work one day. 

The universe seemingly appeared to be working against me by throwing me a whole bunch of people and emotions from my destructive past.

It took me back and it was starting to play on my mental stillness, I was pundering – “why is the universe serving me up all these people randomly for no reason but to mess with my peace….”

It was at that point when it clicked – That wasnt what the universe was doing at all…. The universe was helping me to master my mental stillness and to assist me in maintaining peace in the form of throwing me the exact thing that I feared would come back to haunt me.

It wasnt until I (the observer) saw a different side to the events unfolding in front of me to truly remain humble and at peace with all that was around me.

The purpose of this short Blog is to simpy convey the fact that the Universe (God – or any other word you wish to use) works in strange ways –

When you are most at peace and most happy – somthing will happen to disturb that peace… and more than likely you will inturpret it for what it appears to be to your 5 senses. Give your 5 senses a rest and interpret the world around you with your soul.

Through doing this you become bullet proof to the carnage which most people expect you to react to.

Remain still – Sit in peace – look with your Heart.

Thank you for your time in reading this – I hope that my words will resonate in the mind and soul of someone and thus help them on their journey.