“Awaken each day with the overwhelming desire to fail.”

A few days ago I was training with Master Xu in the park when he told me to do 2 sets of One Armed Push-Ups…. I laughed, because my spirit and my body knew that i couldnt do them.

Regardless I droped to the grass and attemped to do what my Master had demonstrated with such ease. I completed Two half push ups each side with great difficulty (I wouldnt win any awards for technique).

As I rose to my feet panting and gasping for air, Master Xu said to me-

“The more you attempt what you cant acomplish, the closer you get to completing somthing you can.”

My spirit laughed again – I knew this to be true already, as do most people.

Yet we wake up each day afraid to fail, we are so hung up on benig perfect at everything that we fear the possibility of growth through failure – so much so, that we even build anxiety born of this fear.

I awaken each day with the overwhelming desire to fair, because I know that when I fail, I gave it my 110% to acheive the imposibile – 

Tomorrow the Impossible becomes a little more Possible.

Thank you for your time – I hope my words encourage somone, somewhere to grow and become the fullest potential.