Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom, is somthing that I’ve come to learn over the recent months.

Master Xu and I were recently talking about mentors and knowedge, when I stated that I am egar for wisdom – my master turned to me and said somthing that couldnt be more true….

“No one has wisdom for you – You are born with the wisdom of the world”

It is our curiosity for somthing new that leads us to seek knowledge. Be it in books, Internet or through various teachings, once we get this knowledge we say to ourselves “Lets see if its true”. We then put our new found knowledge to the test-

We sometimes come up disapointed and sometimes we are met with a positive outcome, regardless of the results we hence forth have wisdom of that said topic.

No one can give you wisdom. They can only tell you a story.

The moral of this whole thing is, look to others for knowledge but take that knowledge with a grain of salt. Only when you have experienced somthing can you rest assured that you are wiser for not following words blindly.

Thank you for your time.

I pray these words will one day help somone find peace.