Breaking from the herd is harder when the herd wont stop following you.

I still have people who contact me through various social medias asking me to buy or sell this, that and a lot of other.

My master told me along time ago that for me to truly leave that environment and people behind me I cannot ignore them or be spiteful in my responses, instead be sincere and honest when they are you to sell or buy something for or from them.

My response when people ask me these questions is simply – “I don’t do that anymore, I’m currently following a path that is far more fulfilling” (never apologies for NOT doing something that someone else wants you to do).

In reply to that I often get comments like “hahah what eva” or ” lol yer sure”. 

I actually have a little laugh to myself at these comments, I laugh because I’m being honest and sincere, and people’s first reaction is to throw shad at me.

If they only knew……most never will.

Don’t be afraid to be that difference.

Stay humble and sincere but never feel the need to explain yourself to anyone bar yourself.


Thanks for reading. I hope one day someone reads this and realizes that which ever dark hole you THINK your stuck in, you never are truly stuck.