I’m not talking about the 1 joint too many, raiding your mums cupboard only to find stale ice-cream cones from 2011 and eating the whole pack…… yummmm

I’m talking about the Munchies that affect everyone and unfortunately more often than not set us back a few steps from our dream body and mind. When the Munchies come a-knockin’, its important that we know what foods our body is craving and what foods our mind is telling us to grab and shove into our gobs without a moments thought.

Sadly for most, we don’t want to be downing a 12 pack of Crispy Cremes Original Glaze at 9pm at night while trying to study, play video games or while simply relaxing.

I’ve been taught a simply and effective way of keeping the munchies at bay while still having a tasty treat when my body starts telling me it needs sustenance.

5 glass Jars…..Yep, its that easy. Each jar contains a different Dried fruit or Nut.

Personally I have a Jar of Brazil Nuts, Walnuts, Trail Mix (with added dates), Almond and dried fruit mix and finally dried Apricots. Which I keep in my room so that I don’t have the need to go to the cupboard or fridge and get tempted by all the sugary glazed, heart clogging crap that often resides in my parents pantry.

Each time I find my mind starting to get distracted and wonder, or when i start thinking about that Share Pack of Fredo’s mum brought home from work, i will have a small hand full of nuts/fruit from a selected jar. Nuts and fruit are a great source of Protein, Fats and Natural sugars, respectively. which at 9pm at night after a big day is often what your body could be craving.

Now you Know!

Rather than going to the fridge for a quick sugar fix, turn to your glass Jar for a healthy Nut Treat instead, your body and mind will be praising you for it!

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