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The Universe always provides EXACTLY what you need.

The Universe will always provide you with exactly what you need, the EXACT moment you need it. It is your job as the observer to interpret it for what it truly is. Not what it may simply appear to be.  

I came to this realization while at work one day. 

The universe seemingly appeared to be working against me by throwing me a whole bunch of people and emotions from my destructive past.

It took me back and it was starting to play on my mental stillness, I was pundering – “why is the universe serving me up all these people randomly for no reason but to mess with my peace….”

It was at that point when it clicked – That wasnt what the universe was doing at all…. The universe was helping me to master my mental stillness and to assist me in maintaining peace in the form of throwing me the exact thing that I feared would come back to haunt me.

It wasnt until I (the observer) saw a different side to the events unfolding in front of me to truly remain humble and at peace with all that was around me.

The purpose of this short Blog is to simpy convey the fact that the Universe (God – or any other word you wish to use) works in strange ways –

When you are most at peace and most happy – somthing will happen to disturb that peace… and more than likely you will inturpret it for what it appears to be to your 5 senses. Give your 5 senses a rest and interpret the world around you with your soul.

Through doing this you become bullet proof to the carnage which most people expect you to react to.

Remain still – Sit in peace – look with your Heart.

Thank you for your time in reading this – I hope that my words will resonate in the mind and soul of someone and thus help them on their journey.



My Afternoon with a Taoist Monk Master.

This is a blog about my afternoon with my Master whome is an ordained Master Taoist Monk – Master Xu.

Yesterday (Saturady 4-2-17) I arived at my masters Sanctuary/ Monastery/ Home, at about 2.30pm. He was just finishing up with another student, An up and coming young Artist named Rachel Right.

As we both sat wth Master Xu he told us a story – about a master potter and his student, The moral of the story was that one should not seek mastery before his time… Stay grounded and do not over estimate your abilities.

We then went inside his house and sat down, he presesnted both of us with a drink of water with Chia seeds. I had brought 2 books for Master Xu to borrow which i placed on his desk…. (I hope this Monk doesnt up and skip town, because those books are from the local Library, loaned out under my Library Card…..)

Once we sat down, I started asking Master Xu about a few ideas I had for the Journal of which myself and Master Xu are constructing together – (this journal is the most fullfuliing and exciting projects I’ve ever worked on in my life).

We afterwards spoke breifly about fears. I learnt that Rachel was afraid of judjment of others and of being hurt by friends and lovers. Both fears that are no doubt very prominent in todays society – My fear is centred around image, Im at a constant war with myself on whether to shave my head or not…. based purely on the opinion of others.

Before I knew it the time was 3:30 and meant a heavy 2 hours of lifting. Rachel left and another student named Blake arived… He is a strong willed and physicaly strong young name who works in aged care.

It was Back and Abs on the menue for today – And man oh’ man did we die.

You dont know training until you have trained with an Ordained Taoist Monk – We were doing crazy Ab Movments while suspended between 2 cinder blocks… We always dread the moment Master Xu starts bringing out exercises learned from the Taoist Monastery. 

After a a solid 2 hours of heavy lifting and sweating in the 30 somthing degree summer heat, we were finally done. 

I logged down all the movments and exercises that I had done aswell as any weaknesses and strengths I had displayed, Blake did the same. 

The time was now 5.30pm. Both Master Xu and I bowed to Black as he departed but not before i resesnted him with a gift of Kelp powder I had brought for both him and Master Xu –

I had purchsed some Kelp powder in bulk and did not need all it, thus I gifted it to those who would also benefit greatly from it — (Kelp is high in Iodine, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron, it is also a great source of Amino Acids to aid in the bodies natural healing process.)

The fun didnt end there, I then helped Master Xu with some weeding in his garden and moved some rocks into a wheel barrow for his neighbour. After all this I was wrecked…. Master Xu then invited me to shower and provided me with clean clothes and a high protein meal to help repair my aching muscles…

We discused a wide range of topics in the hour that followed…. mainly centralizing around the up coming Journal that we are colaberating on. Master Xu gifted me with some transcripts on Alchemy, I now know the Minerals that corrilate with Plantes and the subsequent Chakras that they represent- Aswell a whole range more other information that he bestowed upon me…. This jounral is going to be the be all and end all of Spiritual, Mental and Physcial knowledge and wisdome…. 2nd to none. 

Watch this space for more develoment updates of the Super Journal- 

He also gifted me with a copy of his book “S.I.T Training with Monk Xu” – The generosity and pureness of essence of Master Xu never ceases to amazing. 

I left that night at about 7.30 with a full mind and a full belly – it felt almost unatural and sadening to go back to what I call “my life”…. although 5 hours with a Taoist Monk Master has opened my eyes and my heart so much more that periviously that it keeps me exceited and enthusiastic for my future journey with Master Xu.

-This post is long but it could have been longer…. I hope this gives someone, somewhere some insight into the lift of a Taoist Monk and his Student

Thank you for your time.


Seek to Fail Daily!

“Awaken each day with the overwhelming desire to fail.”

A few days ago I was training with Master Xu in the park when he told me to do 2 sets of One Armed Push-Ups…. I laughed, because my spirit and my body knew that i couldnt do them.

Regardless I droped to the grass and attemped to do what my Master had demonstrated with such ease. I completed Two half push ups each side with great difficulty (I wouldnt win any awards for technique).

As I rose to my feet panting and gasping for air, Master Xu said to me-

“The more you attempt what you cant acomplish, the closer you get to completing somthing you can.”

My spirit laughed again – I knew this to be true already, as do most people.

Yet we wake up each day afraid to fail, we are so hung up on benig perfect at everything that we fear the possibility of growth through failure – so much so, that we even build anxiety born of this fear.

I awaken each day with the overwhelming desire to fair, because I know that when I fail, I gave it my 110% to acheive the imposibile – 

Tomorrow the Impossible becomes a little more Possible.

Thank you for your time – I hope my words encourage somone, somewhere to grow and become the fullest potential.


Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom, is somthing that I’ve come to learn over the recent months.

Master Xu and I were recently talking about mentors and knowedge, when I stated that I am egar for wisdom – my master turned to me and said somthing that couldnt be more true….

“No one has wisdom for you – You are born with the wisdom of the world”

It is our curiosity for somthing new that leads us to seek knowledge. Be it in books, Internet or through various teachings, once we get this knowledge we say to ourselves “Lets see if its true”. We then put our new found knowledge to the test-

We sometimes come up disapointed and sometimes we are met with a positive outcome, regardless of the results we hence forth have wisdom of that said topic.

No one can give you wisdom. They can only tell you a story.

The moral of this whole thing is, look to others for knowledge but take that knowledge with a grain of salt. Only when you have experienced somthing can you rest assured that you are wiser for not following words blindly.

Thank you for your time.

I pray these words will one day help somone find peace.


Breaking from the herd.

Breaking from the herd is harder when the herd wont stop following you.

I still have people who contact me through various social medias asking me to buy or sell this, that and a lot of other.

My master told me along time ago that for me to truly leave that environment and people behind me I cannot ignore them or be spiteful in my responses, instead be sincere and honest when they are you to sell or buy something for or from them.

My response when people ask me these questions is simply – “I don’t do that anymore, I’m currently following a path that is far more fulfilling” (never apologies for NOT doing something that someone else wants you to do).

In reply to that I often get comments like “hahah what eva” or ” lol yer sure”. 

I actually have a little laugh to myself at these comments, I laugh because I’m being honest and sincere, and people’s first reaction is to throw shad at me.

If they only knew……most never will.

Don’t be afraid to be that difference.

Stay humble and sincere but never feel the need to explain yourself to anyone bar yourself.


Thanks for reading. I hope one day someone reads this and realizes that which ever dark hole you THINK your stuck in, you never are truly stuck. 




Brads Killa’ Greek style Eggwhite Minis.

Somthing a bit different today guys. Im going to give you my recipe for my Killa Greek style Eggwhite Minis. Loaded eith protien and vitimins, perfect for breakfast or as a post workout super hero power snack.

You will need:

  • the whites of 14 eggs (may vary on baking tray size)
  • 1 large tomato (diced).
  • 2-3 cups of baby spinach.
  • large muffin tray.
  • 2 or 3 cans of any tuna/salmon/chicken.
  • salt & peper, crushed garlic, fresh (greek) basil, organic coconut oil (to line tray)

Super easy Method:

  • Grease the muffin tins with oil of choice.
  • line bottoms with a generous serve of baby spinach.
  • Spoon tuna on top of spinach.
  • Crack all egg whites into pouring jug.
  • Mix in 1 tsp of crushed garlic and salt and pepper to egg whites.
  • Pour whites over spinach and tuna (almost to the top)
  • Top with spoonfull of choped tomato.
  • Garnish with a few leaves of greek basil (or use normal basil if you arent as fancy)
  • Bake in oven at 180c for 25-30 mins.
  • EAT. EAT. EAT!

Keep in mind this a super low carb and high protien meal, serve with some brown rice if your looking to add some more fiber and carbs to yoir diet.

Enjoy guys. Message me your version of Killa Eggwhite Minis, would love to hear some new variations from you guys.

If you master yourself, you will master everyone else.

“If you master yourself, you will master everyone else. If you don’t, you will only get strung up by everyone’s hooks.”


That quote was told to me this afternoon after training with my Master.

Story of my life, really. my whole life I’ve looked for answers within other people, the stars, God….. you name it, chances are I’ve asked the question “why is this happening to me.”

Because I’ve not been a master of myself and hence, when things don’t go according to plan, I’ve not known how to cope and I’ve looked for answers in everything and everyone other than myself.

I’m no master of anything, let alone mastering myself. Although I have the clairvoyance to see where my path went astray and to see that I could have forged myself a better path had I been committed to myself.

I’m sure more than a few people out there would have/ still do feel the same as I once did. My advice to those people, look within for the answers. Your body knows a lot more than your mind thinks.

The longest journey in life is that from your Mind to your Heart.

Stay true to you.

Thanks for reading. Please stop by again soon.




Keeping Munchies at Bay!

I’m not talking about the 1 joint too many, raiding your mums cupboard only to find stale ice-cream cones from 2011 and eating the whole pack…… yummmm

I’m talking about the Munchies that affect everyone and unfortunately more often than not set us back a few steps from our dream body and mind. When the Munchies come a-knockin’, its important that we know what foods our body is craving and what foods our mind is telling us to grab and shove into our gobs without a moments thought.

Sadly for most, we don’t want to be downing a 12 pack of Crispy Cremes Original Glaze at 9pm at night while trying to study, play video games or while simply relaxing.

I’ve been taught a simply and effective way of keeping the munchies at bay while still having a tasty treat when my body starts telling me it needs sustenance.

5 glass Jars…..Yep, its that easy. Each jar contains a different Dried fruit or Nut.

Personally I have a Jar of Brazil Nuts, Walnuts, Trail Mix (with added dates), Almond and dried fruit mix and finally dried Apricots. Which I keep in my room so that I don’t have the need to go to the cupboard or fridge and get tempted by all the sugary glazed, heart clogging crap that often resides in my parents pantry.

Each time I find my mind starting to get distracted and wonder, or when i start thinking about that Share Pack of Fredo’s mum brought home from work, i will have a small hand full of nuts/fruit from a selected jar. Nuts and fruit are a great source of Protein, Fats and Natural sugars, respectively. which at 9pm at night after a big day is often what your body could be craving.

Now you Know!

Rather than going to the fridge for a quick sugar fix, turn to your glass Jar for a healthy Nut Treat instead, your body and mind will be praising you for it!

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